Enjoy the freedom of permanent makeup today! No more reapplying makeup that smears, smudges, or runs. Crystal McDonald, owner of Doll Eyes Lashes, has an artistic and skillful eye for permanent cosmetic makeup application. Common permanent makeup procedures included permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips! Paramedical and Areola Pigmentation procedures also available. Consultations include discussion of desired procedure and medical history - and are always free!



Today, thanks to modern advances and highly skilled, trained technicians, 3D microblading can produce a natural eyebrow using tiny hair-like lines that resemble real brows.  Soft shadows below the natural hair give the illusion of fullness, and a blended pigment provides realistic colors to match hair and skin tones.


Microblading brows typically last 1-2 years depending on how you take care of your skin.  Yearly touch-ups are recommended to keep the color and strokes crisp.


Eyeliner - Top and Bottom

Eyeliner - Top or Bottom

Full Lip Color

Lip Liner

Areola Pigmentation/Paramedical

$ 395

$ 395

$ 295

$ 395

$ 295





As a registered Nurse, I am very aware of sanitation and maintaining a clean area for cosmetic treatments. She, as well as her treatment area, have always been very clean and tidy. I have gone to other salons in Lacrosse that I cannot say the same about. I have had permanent liner and lash extensions and have complete confidence that I will not have any complication from any treatments. I drive from Galesville every 3-4 weeks because I don't want to chance any complications or infections. Crystal has been in practice for 8 years and her skill level also reflects this experience. She is very efficient and competent in her delivery of services.

Karen - Salesperson, Galesville, WI


Microblade Eyebrows - Madison WI